#119-City parking; Silicon Valley’s distaste for AVs; self-flying cars

Today, we discuss an article about AV’s impact on urban parking; another article about Silicon Valley’s feud with AVs; and the question of whether self-flying cars will be here before self-driving cars, and why it doesn’t really matter.

#117-Ford Argo.ai moves to Austin; long range lidar; Tesla v.10

Today: Ford’s Argo.ai moves to Austin; Blickfeld announces a new long range lidar; Tesla launches Version 10 of its software which (may?) include the long-awaited Enhanced Summon.

#115-Tesla gets smarter; Mercedes quits gasoline engines; somebody writes something stupid

I experienced something pretty remarkable with a Tesla Model 3 on the latest software update; but was I imagining it? Mercedes parent company Daimler makes huge news by announcing it’s stopping all future gasoline engine R&D; and, somebody writes something so utterly stupid I had to call them out on it.

#113-AVs on real estate; AVs for the hyper-rich? Tesla Hardware v3.0 starts to roll out

Today…. Episode 113 on Friday the 13th… an unusually long episode, this, in which we talk about the impact on real estate by autonomous vehicles; we address¬†an article¬†by Professor Lance Eliot (UCLA; USC) on whether AVs will be reserve for only the hyper-rich; and Tesla starts a (very) limited deployment of its Hardware v.3.0. Have a great weekend!

#103 – More on Tesla Autonomy Day; AVs and congestion pricing; more assertive AVs will be safer

We dive into some more details surrounding several of Elon Musk’s claims during Tesla Autonomy Day; AVs will require increased congestion pricing (or penalties for driving around without passengers); AVs need to get more assertive in order to be safer.

#100 – Tesla Autonomy Day

To celebrate my 100th episode, a special 30 minute account of the most crucial takeaways from yesterday’s Tesla Autonomy Day, during which Tesla announced to the world their breakthroughs with Autopilot Hardware 3.0 and their upcoming robotaxi Tesla Network.

Ep 87: VW claims AV costs not worth it; Pittsburgh to become AV epicenter; my rant on Tesla’s “full self-driving capability” claim

Volkswagen’s head of commercial autonomous vehicle strategy says the cost of developing AVs isn’t worth it (what?!); Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto lays the groundwork for Pittsburgh to become the epicenter of autonomous vehicle innovation, testing, and deployment; and I go on a rather lengthy rant on Tesla’s absurd claim of “full self-driving capability.”