#123-SPECIAL EVENT: Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel, Mountain View, CA, Monday, October 14, 2019

On Monday I was invited to attend the 5th annual Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheelat the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, courtesy of Charlie Vogelheim (The Flying Car) and Scott Fosgard (FosgardPR). I’ll share some of the highlights from the all-day presentation, as well as four exclusive interviews from members of Velodyne, Nvidia, Ridecell, and Wavyn.

Episode 58: Volvo & Nvidia; self-driving cars will make us fatter; Waymo readies revenue service

  Today, Episode 58! Volvo and Nvidia partner up for improved autonomy in Volvo’s early 2020 vehicles; self driving cars pose a serious health risk; and, Waymo racks up 10 million miles of on-road tests (and 7 billion simulated miles!) and prepares for its first revenue autonomous taxi service.