SPECIAL: UC DAVIS Professor Sperling’s “3 REVOLUTIONS” Presentation

SPECIAL! If there’s one episode you listen to on this podcast, make it this one. I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Professor Daniel Sperling, the Distinguished Blue Planet Professor, and Founding Director, Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis; and Board Member, California Air Resources Board.

Professor Sperling talked about his new book highlighting the “3 revolutions” — autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and carpooling — and the notion that all three are necessary to solve the catastrophic state of transportation in the world .

This was a truly fascinating talk, and I highly — HIGHLY — recommend you listen and share this episode with all your friends and colleagues — not for my sake, but for Professor Sperling’s sake, and indeed, for all of humanity around the world.

His website is: 3rev.ucdavis.edu

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