The good folks over at HERE Technologies (TwitterFacebook) invited me to join them in Las Vegas for CES 2019 and help moderate a few days of talks and conduct a few interviews. This is my account of CES 2019 generally; some exclusive interviews with various AV companies at CES including Innoviz CEO Omer Keilaf; and an insider look at what HERE Technologies are up to with their open and neutral platform of self-healing, realtime HD maps.

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CES Overview

Curious what CES is like? Then have a listen. A relatively short segment, I’ll walk you through the brief time I had to freely walk the halls of CES 2019, most of which occurred on Monday. Tuesday was spent all day with the HERE Technologies team; all of Wednesday morning was spent with HERE; and Thursday, a cold I’d been battling since before even arriving in Vegas finally won its battle against me and I completely crashed. I returned home to SF on Friday.

Check out the photos and videos from CES on my Facebook Page and new Instagram account!

Company Interviews

For this second segment, you’ll get to hear five exclusive interviews with the following:

HERE Technologies

And finally, a deeper look into the goings on at HERE (Twitter; Facebook). We’ll discuss in greater detail their open, neutral platform of self-healing realtime HD maps, and how partner services can integrate with their mapping software.

Watch me moderate four New Reality talks with members of the HERE team!

Just head on over to Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag on Facebook and catch talks with the HERE Technologies team including:

  • Sanjay Ghaté, VP Data Monetization & Marketplace
  • Sanjay Sood, VP Highly Automated Driving
  • Helmuth Ritzer, VP Connected Vehicle Services
  • Timo Littke, Business Development Manager
  • Hervé Utheza, Director, Head of Media, Advertising & Network Operators

Also available to watch are two interviews I conducted with:

  • Alex Oyler, SBD Automotive
  • Vernon Turner, Principal & Chief Strategist, Causeway Connections

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