Episode 9. Tesla, German EVs, Waymo puts passengers to sleep

The one where we talk about Tesla’s new Autopilot and Supercharger price increases; Germany’s love affair with EVs; and Waymo’s new driverless car putting passengers to sleep.

Tesla’s new Autopilot, Supercharger price hikes

Tesla’s just announced updates to its Auto Steer and Digital Dash display, while also introducing a price bump to its Supercharger network.

Germany’s in love with EVs

Where once Germany was the leader in diesel car manufacturing, now Germany strives to be the leader in EVs, too.

Waymo’s new autonomous cars put passengers to sleep

My dad always taught me that the sign of a good driver was whether their passengers fell asleep; this meant they were smooth and relaxing drivers. By this metric, then, Waymo’s autonomous test vehicles must be especially smooth indeed. This is crucially important. Here’s why.

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