Episode 8. Tesla’s limited product line; Starsky Robotics; Trolly Paradox SOLVED!

The one where we discuss Tesla’s limited product line; self driving trucking company Starsky Robotics’ Series A; and the solution to the infamous “trolly paradox.”

Tesla’s limited product line

Tesla famously has but three vehicles: Models S, 3, and X, with a Y on the way. If you’re seeing something “sexy” in there, that’s intentional. What’s not sexy, however, is just how limited this product line really is, and whether it presents a problem for Tesla.

Starsky Robotics

Starsky Robotics is a startup aiming to tackle the autonomous trucking world by ensuring that truck drivers don’t lose their jobs. The solution? A remote operation system so that truckers can continue to remotely drive the trucks as needed: welcome to the world of drone trucks.

My solution to the so-called “trolly paradox”

Determined not to let my law school education go to waste and make use of my California bar license, I’ve come up with a solution to the so-called “trolly paradox!”

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