Episode 38: MarcHoag.com launches; remote vehicle operation; the BYTON K-BYTE EV AV; comma.ai retrofits a non-Autopilot Tesla

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Today: Remote control cars — basically drone cars — help automated systems in the first and last mile of driving; another electric AV startup, Byton, announces it’s all new concept the K-BYTE (as a successor to its previous concept, the M-BYTE); and comma.ai successfully retrofits a pre-2014 Tesla with Autopilot to more or less drive itself.

PS1. Porsche’s Taycan officially unveiled
PS2. Something weird driving around the streets of San Francisco…

Drone cars

The first and last miles will be the most challenging for autonomous cars. For these stretches of road, autonomous cars — especially commercial trucks — may be driven by remote human operators, essentially making them Earth-bound drones.

Byton’s new K-BYTE

First the M-BYTE and now the K-BYTE, electric/autonomous car startup Byton has unleashed a new thing unto our world. And it’s quite a looker.

Comma.ai retrofits an older Tesla Model S with “autopilot”

In a stroke of digital sorcery, startup Comma.ai has managed to retrofit an older Tesla with a partial autopilot system. If you don’t remember, Autopilot was no available on pre-2014 models. Now it is. Sort of. And it turns out they’re able to do this with certain Honda and Toyota vehicles, too. So this is pretty impressive, actually. At least potentially, anyway.

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