Episode 37: Police Pulling over AVs; Dehumanizing AVs; Autopilot Version 9 to be fully self-driving?

Today (1) We wonder how police will pull over an autonomous car; (2) We ponder ways to make autonomous cars socially acceptable (3) Tesla announces full self-driving features coming in August.

How will police pull over an autonomous car?

It sounds funny, but it’s a valid question: how will police pull over autonomous cars, as in, cars where human occupants are strictly passengers with no direct control over the car? Or more importantly, what about autonomous cars zipping from A to B without any human occupants at all? It’s a funny but important thing to think about — and to figure out.

How to make sure autonomous cars aren’t socially awkward

Autonomous need to be properly introduced to society. By way of example, Drive.ai is ensuring that these vehicles can communicate with pedestrians. But what else needs to be done?

Tesla announces fully self-driving features… in August?!

Put this in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category. Not because I personally don’t have the utmost faith in Elon Musk and his team, but simply because this sounds too good to be true. Alternatively, what does “self-driving features” mean, anyway? Most likely it means incrementally more of what we’ve seen — features which are, on their own, necessary but not sufficient for fully self-driving cars.

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