Episode 34, Part 2: AV rollout, Waymo, Cruise Automation

Today! We loop back to Episode 34 to do Part 2, in which we discuss the roll out of automation in the commercial shipping space first; Waymo’s 100x increase in Chrysler Pacifica self driving minivans and their plans to license their tech; and Cruise Automation’s infusion of $2.25B from SoftBank.

Commercial shipping

Unsurprisingly, it will probably be the case that fully autonomous vehicle technology will start to roll out in the commercial trucking space too. We discuss what this means.

Waymo’s 100x purchase of Chrysler Pacificas

So this is pretty huge: Waymo just signed a huge check for something like 62 thousand Chrysler Pacificas.

Cruise Automation lands another $2.25B

Cruise Automation is on a role: first they were acquired by GM for a whopping $1 billion; now SoftBank has just infused them with a further $2.25 billion.

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