Episode 31. Autopilot common sense; Apple’s AVs; MobilEye

We talk common sense when using semi-autonomous systems like Autopilot; Apple now the #2 autonomous vehicle company by number of CA testing permits(!); Intel’s MobilEye lands an 8 million car deal.

Use common sense with Autopilot

It’s not a fully driverless system (yet). It makes mistakes (still; and frequently). It is probably smarter than the average bear. Maybe. Occasionally. Use common sense. Don’t be stupid. Etc.

Apple in the #2 spot for autonomous car testing in California?!

So this was unexpected: it turns out that Apple has the second most autonomous car testing permits in the state of California! Who knew?!

Intel’s MobilEye lands an 8 million car deal

One upon a time, Intel acquired Israel-based MobilEye. Now they just landed an 8 million car deal to a German car company. I’m guessing Mercedes. Maybe Audi.

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