Episode 27. Uber’s software error; Volvos talk; no maps for MIT AVs

Today: Uber’s crash the result of a software calibration error; Volvo’s cars and trucks talk together; MIT’s autonomous cars don’t need maps.

Uber is out of calibration

It looks like the Uber autonomous test vehicle — the Volvo XC90 — that crashed into a pedestrian in Arizona a few months may have crashed due to a calibration issue with the software that interprets the lidar.

Volvos learn to communicate

V2V — that’s Vehicle to Vehicle — communication is an important but oft-missed topic of discussion around autonomous cars. So, today we’re going to talk about it.

Maps? What maps? MIT AVs don’t need maps!

Autonomous car tech is usually — always? — augmented by detailed onboard mapping. This is great for urban areas, but what about more rural areas where such detailed mapping is unavailable? Enter MIT.

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