Episode 26. AVs get hot; FB dreams of AVs; BMW plays with lasers

Today: Thermal imaging cameras help autonomous cars see the world around them; Facebook’s game plan with autonomous cars; and BMW finds a laser supplier for its ride sharing autonomous car fleet slated for release in 2021.

Thermal imaging cameras & autonomous cars

It turns out that thermal imaging cameras aren’t just good for spying on animals outside your home; finding water leaks; or blasting things out of the sky. (Queue Kenny Loggins’¬†Danger Zone.) Turns out they’re awesome for autonomous cars too.

Facebook and autonomous cars?!

It seems that nearly every company in the world is interested in diving head first into autonomous cars; what about Facebook?

BMW lands its own laser supplier for AV development

Except for Tesla, lidar still seems to be the technology of choice for autonomous cars, and now BMW has secured its own laser supplier for use in its autonomous cars.

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