Episode 25. Android Automotive; AV slime molds; AV testing regs

Today: Google prepares Android Automotive to be a sort of “car OS” for all automakers; slime molds may offer a solution for autonomous car navigation; and Michigan’s governor’s view regarding AV testing regulations.

Google Android Automotive

To the surprise of nobody, it looks like Google is preparing a version of Android Automotive to essentially function as a full-blown “carOS” handling not just onboard media and entertainment, but all aspects of the cars functionality, including and especially — at least presumably — its autonomous driving functions.

Autonomous cars and slime molds

So it turns out that slime molds are actually pretty intelligent, at least when it comes to route mapping between points on a map. And now, scientist are trying to learn from these molds; or more accurately, to teach autonomous cars with the molds.

Autonomous vehicle testing in Michigan

Michigan’s governor has taken a liking to autonomous cars, and it looks like Michigan may become the new Arizona

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