Episode 24. BMW’s view on AVs; Tesla avoids crash; Tesla exec quits

Our 2-monthiversary! Today: BMW says humans aren’t ready for AVs; a Tesla’s Autopilot swerves to avoid being flattened by a big rig truck; and — coincidentally — Tesla’s Autopilot lead heads to Intel.

BMW and autonomous cars

BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” rather unsurprisingly seems to be of the opinion that humans neither want nor are ready for fully autonomous vehicles. Little surprise, this, since the very notion of a BMW M4 sans steering wheel and pedals would be antithetical to the brand itself.

Tesla’s Autopilot avoids being flattened

Tesla’s Autopilot has found its way into the news for a few not so good reasons lately; this time, however, it’s being cast in a positive light once again as one owner’s Autopilot system managed to save the day by avoiding a big rig truck.

Tesla Autopilot lead heads to Intel

On the other hand, another Tesla lead has defected, this time Tesla’s head of Autopilot who’s reported to have just quit the company for Intel (presumably due to Intel’s ownership of MobilEye?)

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