Episode 23. Open Source AVs; Model X hits gym; Waymo’s philosophy

Today: Autonomous taxi startup Voyage open sources its testing software; a Tesla Model X hits the gym (literally); and, we discuss an important detail contrasting Waymo’s philosophy of autonomous car tech to that of its competitors.

Autonomous taxi startup Voyage

There’s (yet another) autonomous car startup roaming the streets, this time it’s Voyage¬†(how cool is that, they actually have a .auto website!). What’s really interesting about them is not simply that they’re trying to move forward with autonomous taxis, but they plan on open sourcing their testing data; not just the software, but the actual results of their tests. This could be huge.

A Tesla Model X crashes into a gym

At some point, people will probably laugh at this story, but today, it was surely no laughing matter, when someone’s Tesla Model X decided to hit the gym.

Waymo’s philosophy on autonomous car tech

So Waymo’s approach to autonomous car tech is rather different to everyone else’s — they seem to take a rather binary approach in the sense that autonomous cars should be either all or nothing,¬†i.e., either level 5 or nothing, the logic being that the human should never need to jump back into the loop once the car is in fully autonomous mode.

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