Episode 18. CA allows driverless cars; Model X crash recreated; another Chinese EV launches!

Today! The CA DMV allows testing and deployment of FULLY driverless cars on its roads; two Tesla owners post videos testing and recreating the recent Model X crash (yes, really); a(nother) Chinese EV startup is born; and more.

CA DMV allows driverless vehicle testing

So this is a pretty big deal: California will begin issuing permits to allow automakers to test fully driverless cars on California roads; yes they will need to have at least a remote backup driver monitoring at all times.

Testing and recreating Tesla crashes

After the few recent Tesla Autopilot crashes — e.g., the Model X on the 101 freeway south of San Francisco — some people are testing their Autopilot systems to see if they (mis)behave accordingly.

A(nother) Chinese EV startup is born

Here’s¬† another example of how China will soon become the leader in electric vehicles.

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