Episode 16. Jaguar + Waymo; Uber’s lidar blind spot; Model X crash

The one where we talk about Jaguar partnering up with Waymo; a blind spot in Uber’s lidar system potentially causing the tragic accident in Arizona; and a horrific Model X accident in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jaguar partners up with Waymo

Waymo just announced they’re partnering up with Jaguar to use the new Jaguar I-PACE all-electric SUV in what Waymo calls the first fully electric, autonomous SUV.

Uber is blind

A theory has surfaced regarding the tragic Uber Volvo XC90 autonomous test vehicle accident in Arizona: blind spots in the lidar.

A catastrophic Model X Autopilot-related crash kills its driver

Split in half. Burst into flames. Driver perished. How and why this happened to an Apple engineer is just plain bizarre: he refused to take over when Autopilot warned him to do so.

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