Ep 85: 1 YEAR OF ACMH! (1) AEB systems are not equal; (2) Singapore fast tracks AVs; (3) What AVs can learn from Lion Air crash

1 YEAR OF ACMH! Today: (1) BMW X1’s emergency braking sucks; (2) Singapore fast tracks AVs for elderly; (3) What AVs can learn from the Lion Air crash

Autonomous emergency braking systems are not created equal

Here’s an idea: maybe be conservative? If your system says it will operate at speeds up to 60 km/h, make sure they have a 50% margin of error, i.e., 90 km/h. Problem solved.

Of course, the bigger question is first of all whether it’s a design or manufacturing defect — it’s clearly a design defect — and then, whether the defect is with the AEB module itself or with the design of the implementation of that module into a particular car, in this case, a BMW X1 according to this article by Jalopnik.

Singapore fast tracks AVs for elderly and disabled

MooVita (sounds like a cow trying to pronounce life) is working on AVs for the elderly, precisely what I’ve been suggesting for quite some time now.

What AVs can learn from the tragic Lion Air crash

Yet another example of what AVs can learn from aviation, and why a standardized body of government is absolutely essential.

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