Ep 80: Car sharing to be fast-tracked by Hollywood; AV task force; AVs to be mandated by ADA

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Today, Episode 80! Can Hollywood bring about the cultural shift to wean people off of privately owned cars and into shared cars? Does a New Jersey autonomous vehicle “task force” represent the first glimmer of my proposed FAVA “Federal Autonomous Vehicle Administration?” And finally, I suggest that autonomous vehicles will eventually be mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Hollywood to bring about culture shift in cars?

Hollywood once made it cool to smoke. (And drink. And to drive and own cars.) And so everybody smoke. And wanted to drink like James Bond. And own fancy cars. Then Hollywood made it uncool to smoke. And so smoking has indeed become less popular. (And yes, there’s less advertising; and tobacco products are heavily taxed, I know.) I suggest that, going forward, education alone will not be enough to get the public to rapidly embrace autonomous shared cars; Hollywood will need to make car ownership uncool.

New Jersey task force hints at future FAVA?

A group of experts will help to study and suggest guidelines for safety and deployment of AVs. Does this suggest my proposed Federal Autonomous Vehicle Administration?

AVs will be mandated by the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates things like wheelchair ramps; those yellow bumpy sidewalk ramps indicating where the street is; audible crosswalk signals; and more. Why not mandate autonomous vehicles for the elderly and disabled as well?

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