Ep 78: Florida to test AVs without test drivers; 950nm vs 1550nm lidar; Tesla driver falls asleep

Credit: NASA’s Imagine the Universe

Today, Episode 78! Florida mulls autonomous vehicle testing without test drivers; we do a mini deep dive into the different flavors of lidar — 950nm vs 1550nm — and another idiot sleeps in their Tesla.

Florida mulls testing AVs without test drivers

To the point of my previous episodes, I argue that this could actually be a good thing, at least for people with disabilities for whom AVs may be their best hope for regained mobility. I make the analogy to the final phase of testing medical drugs on people; similarly, if AVs can be shown to be “good enough” — where that threshold obviously needs to be defined — then perhaps it could make to enable AVs to be rolled out in extremely limited use case. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud, really.

905nm vs. 1550nm lidar, explained

We do a mini deep dive crash course of sorts to understand the differences as between two flavors of lidar: one which is relatively affordable but not quite good enough; the other which is superior, technically, but far too expensive.

Tesla driver falls asleep (again)

I mean, if you’re going to fall asleep in a car, I suppose it had better be a Tesla. Right?

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