Ep 77: German AV consortium; I just did MIT’s trolly paradox experiment; here’s what Apple’s up to

Today: (1) We discuss the AV consortium being assembled amongst the German automakers to help share development costs (but really to cover their asses); (2) I did MIT’s trolly paradox experiment and share my results with you; (3) Apple just slashed 200 jobs from their Project Titan autonomous car project, and I think I just figured out what they’re up to.

German AV consortium

We’ve talked a bit about Germany’s automakers trying to put together an AV consortium of sorts, and they say it’s just to share development costs because they’re realizing that AVs are in fact way harder than rocket science. While true, there’s another reason: to protect themselves from liability when things go wrong.

I did MIT’s “trolly paradox” experiment

So that was interesting. And fun. If a bit morbid. All I’m going to say is… check out my Twitter for the results.

Apple cuts 200 jobs from AV Project Titan; I figured out what they’re up to. I think. Maybe. Possibly. Nobody knows.

Basically, they’re building a Trojan Horse. I mean that in a historical sense; not the computer virus sense. Apple CarPlay wasn’t just about bring Apple Maps and Music to cars; it was a way to get Apple’s ADAS (Automatic Driver Assistance Systems) — basically, autonomous vehicle systems — onto all cars. Because of course!

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