Ep 74: SEASON 2 FINALE! — Listener QA; FAA for AVs; Tesla driver falls asleep

Tesla Autopilot Dashboard
Tesla Autopilot Dashboard

Today, Episode 74, THE SEASON 2 FINALE! Today: I make a few announcements; I answer some listener-submitted questions; we discuss whether autonomous vehicles will eventually need a government body like the FAA/ICAO/IATA for aviation; and, we talk about the Tesla driver who fell asleep, and why it’s such an incredibly strong validation for a future of autonomous vehicles.

Season 2 comes to a close; I’ll be at CES 2019 in Las Vegas in January!

Today marks the end of Season 2 of Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag, the only weekly podcast in the world dedicated entirely to autonomous cars, and the #1 result on Google for “autonomous cars podcasts.” 

It’s hard to believe I launched this podcast nearly one year ago, and thanks to your support, we’ve organically grown this show — i.e., without any advertising or promotion of any kind — to nearly 10,000 listens per month. This is astounding.

So a huge thank you to all of you for this.

A quick announcement: I’ll in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show from January 6 until at least January 9. Make sure to reach out to me if you’d like to meet up.

Listener Q&A

One of our listeners, Marco Flores, asked three really great questions on our new Facebook Page, and it’s my answers to these questions below with which we kick off today’s episode. You can see his full post below, but the questions were essentially: 

  1. Do you think autonomous vehicles will roll out for long distance commutes?
  2. How much will autonomous vehicles reduce the cost of an Uber/Lyft/etc ride?
  3. How will the logistics of an accident with an autonomous vehicle be handled, e.g., swapping contact and insurance info?

Do we need a Federal Autonomous Vehicle Administration?

So here’s a loaded question. If we agree that a fully autonomous vehicle — i.e., Level 5, with no driver inputs — and especially one which is not privately owned, is effectively the same thing as an airplane — albeit without wings; much slower; and incapable of soaring through the air — then doesn’t it make sense to have some sort of “Federal Autonomous Vehicle Adminstration” just as we have the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US, and, internationally, the IACO and IATA? Make sure to cast your vote on Twitter!

Tesla driver falls asleep at wheel, doesn’t crash

A driver fell asleep at the wheel of his Tesla while cruising down the 101 freeway in Silicon Valley at about 65-70 mph. Incredibly, Autopilot kept him from dying: the Tesla kept driving along for a staggering seven miles until California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers thought to drive in front of the Tesla — on the presumption it was indeed still on Autopilot — and forced it to come to a stop. While many questions about as to why the Autopilot didn’t disengage or bring the car to a stop on the side of a road, this story ultimately serves as a powerful validation for autonomous vehicles everywhere, and as soon as possible: but for his Tesla, he — and other drivers around him — could have been easily killed.

Season 3 launches during CES 2019 the second week of January, 2019!

See you back here then, and until next time, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all the best for a spectacular year ahead in 2019!

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4 Replies to “Ep 74: SEASON 2 FINALE! — Listener QA; FAA for AVs; Tesla driver falls asleep”

  1. I have listen to all of your podcasts and have found them to be excellent. I do have some potential topics. They are the following:
    1. In what order should the autonomous vehicles be introduced to the public— personal vehicles with enhanced features, delivery vehicles, Uber type vehicles, and shared vehicles?
    2.Should public transportation systems be combined with the shared vehicles to optimize both approaches?
    3.should specific areas of the city be dedicated to autonomous vehicles and have remote parking areas?
    4.Should parrellel road systems be until the public accepts autonomous systems?
    All these questions are directed at the best way of integrating autonomous vehicles into our society. Technology is not the major problem at this point. Acceptance is the key.

    Keep up the excellent podcasts. I equate your efforts with those of Steve Job and Apple and Cathie Wood in the technology investment world.

    1. Hi Les! First of all, wow; I’m humbled and honored by your comment equating my efforts to those of Steve Jobs & Cathie Wood. Thank you! Re: your questions, all brilliant, all hugely important things to consider. Let me circle back to these once Season 3 start sup; I think they could make for a really great episode, or at least an episode segment. Cheers, and happy new years, all the best for 2019!

  2. I am eagerly awaiting your podcasts for 2019.

    I have one comment on technology. A friend of mine with a new Cadillac has sensing system with temperature sensing technology. This system provides a tool to indicate living objects in the path of the autonomous vehicle. Possibly this system could minimize the chances of hurting a pedestrian or hitting an animal.

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