Ep 72: The optimal strategy to roll out AVs; Waymo launches world’s first AV taxi; Uber strikes back

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Today, Episode 72! We talk the best strategy for autonomous vehicles, and it may not be what you think; Waymo rolls out the world’s first autonomous taxi revenue service; and Uber strikes back… sort of(ish).

This is how AVs should be introduced to the public

Airlines don’t advertise themselves showcasing their autopilot systems. “United Airlines: Come fly the friendly skies with our new auto-land capable 777.” Less tongue-in-cheek, many car manufacturers no longer slap a “Turbo” badge on their boot lid, in much the same way that “EFI” badging for electronic fuel injection went out of fashion. Similarly – as May Mobility are demonstrating – the best way to market an autonomous vehicle is precisely by not making a big deal out of its autonomous functionality at all.

Waymo launches world’s first revenue autonomous taxi service

WaymoOne is live, but not many people are talking about it. So, we’re going to talk about.

Uber’s autonomous vehicle group strikes back…ish

So Uber’s back in the game again… more or less. But only at speeds less than 25mph. And only during daylight hours. And only if there’s no rain or snow. And this is at their Pittsburgh, PA location. So basically they’re going to get like seven minutes of useful testing in before the spring.

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