Ep 71: Should governments slow AV deployment; US Fed relaxes regulations; AV endgame is boring

May Mobility
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Today, Episode 70! GM focuses on AVs and EVs and replace Cruise Auatomation’s CEO and co-founder with GM’s president; Daimler & Bosch prepare to roll out a fleet of autonomous S Class sedans in San Jose, CA next year; and Volvo & Luminar announce their partnership to the world, along with Luminar’s incredible ultra long-range lidar.

Should governments slow the deployment of AVs to save jobs?

Last week’s #FridayPollDay was all about whether government should intervene to slow the deployment of autonomous vehicles in order to offset the tremendous social cost to putting millions of people out of work. Today, we dive deep into this discussion and consider the broader implications, both for and against, this question.

The US government relaxes AV regulations

Steering wheels, gas and brake pedals, side-view mirrors, no longer required?! That’s the position the US government is taking with its new, hands-off approach, as it were, to autonomous vehicles.

The autonomous vehicle endgame is boring

You wouldn’t want your flight from San Francisco to New York to be “thrilling” or “exciting,” but rather… “uneventful,” or perhaps even “boring.” So it is — or should be — with autonomous cars: they need to be totally ordinary to the point of being boring in order for consumers to embrace them. On this front, May Mobility (web and Twitter) has succeeded brilliantly.

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