Ep 70: GM focuses on AVs and EVs; Daimler & Bosch ready AV car sharing; Volvo & Luminar

SOURCE: Luminar (luminartech.com)

Today, Episode 70! GM focuses on AVs and EVs and replace Cruise Auatomation’s CEO and co-founder with GM’s president; Daimler & Bosch prepare to roll out a fleet of autonomous S Class sedans in San Jose, CA next year; and Volvo & Luminar announce their partnership to the world, along with Luminar’s incredible ultra long-range lidar.

GM focuses on AVs, EVs, and replaces Cruise Automation CEO

Sure, on the surface of it, GM is simply following Ford’s lead by shutting down five manufacturing plants and laying off some 8% of its global workforce to focus exclusively on crossover form factor vehicles; but really what this is all about is focusing on its autonomous (and electric) vehicle efforts, and hence the replacement of Cruise Automation’s CEO and co-founder, Kyle Vogt, by GM’s president Dan Ammann.

Daimler & Bosch prepare fleet of S Class autonomous taxis

Rumored for about a year, we now know a thing (or several) about Daimler & Bosch’s partnership: they’re going to roll out a geo-fenced autonomous ride hailing test fleet in San Jose, CA comprised of none other than the coveted Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse.

Volvo & Luminar announce partnership with longest range lidar in the world?

Volvo showed up to the LA Auto Show without a car. Instead, they revealed to the world their partnership with Luminar (and @LuminarTech on Twitter), a lidar company that may have just unveiled the world’s longest range — and highest resolution — lidar.

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