Ep 68: A special UK special edition! British startup Wayve; who’s testing where in the UK; FiveAI

By Vaughan Leiberum from Cape Town, South Africa – Flag – Great Britain (cropped), CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4627831

Today, a very special UK special edition! We discuss Wayve’s machine learning algorithms designed to let cars better learn their environments; we get an overview of who’s testing what, where, throughout the UK (hint — there’s a lot!); and, we look at FiveAI’s plan to test in London in 2019.

British startup Wayve aims to make autonomous cars smarter

Wayve is developiong machine learning algorithms to make autonomous cars safer, and eschewing the “brute force” approach of other autonomous car makers like Waymo. From an article over at TechCrunch.

Who’s testing what, where, in the UK?

I figured it was only fitting, since I’m here in London, to provide a bird’s eye view of who’s testing what and where in the UK; incredibly, Wired magazine already published just such a story, so while I’ve summarized it, be sure to head on over and bookmark their article for easy reference.

British startup FiveAI to test in London in 2019

FiveAi ( — British born, developed, and testing — ready to get autonomous cars (with human backup drivers) on  London streets in 2019. The big discussion here, however, loops back to the first segment on Wayve: unless and until cars can learn their environments like humans, then autonomous cars developed, say, in Arizona, will never be able to adapt to little European streets relatively chaotic driving.

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