Ep 60: AVs to replace London cabbies by 2021; Lyft gets autonomous; Apple’s Peloton concept

London Taxi
Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

Today, Episode 60! Autonomous taxis start replacing beloved London cabbies by 2021; Lyft pushes ahead with its Level 5 autonomous Fords; and, Apple submits another AV patent, this time, for a peloton — autonomous platooning — concept.

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London’s beloved cabbies to be replaced by autonomous vehicles by 2021?

London-based taxi alternative Addison Lee prepares to roll out autonomous vehicles in London by 2021.

Lyft acquires London-based startup Blue Vision Labs, takes lead in AV race?

Blue Vision Labs developed software that crowd sources all drivers’ cell phone cameras’ video feeds to make highly detailed maps of the world around the cars.

Apple files “Peloton” patent… and what it means

A fascinating patent, this one, that describes autonomous cars’ ability to queue up in a so-called “peloton” or “platoon” to minimize air resistance and increase efficiency, while also providing a way for cars to understand how much charge they have remaining, and even to share energy between the various cars, so as to maximize efficiency getting from A to B for all cars in the peloton.

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