Ep 59: Tesla removes “fully self driving” on order form; the Apple Car; 6 cities’ approach to AVs

Tesla Autopilot Illustration

Today, Episode 59: Tesla (Elon Musk, really) has just removed the rather confusing “fully self driving” functionality option on Tesla cars’ order forms; we learn a few bit of details — without much detail, honestly — about the Apple Car; and I discuss an interesting article on how six US cities are preparing for the AV car revolution. All this, right now!

It’s #FridayPollDay!

Today’s question:If you own — or plan to get — a Tesla, how much of your decision was/is due to Autopilot?
A. 100% because of Autopilot
B. 50% AP / 50% EV range
C. Don’t want/don’t like AP

So head on over to @AutonomousHoag and cast your vote! I’ll report back here on Tuesday!

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Tesla removes “fully self driving” functionality option from Tesla order forms

Elon Musk announced that Tesla has simplified its web order forms for Tesla vehicles by removing the admittedly confusing option to pre-purchase its fully self driving functionality future proofing.

Some new details — but not much — on the Apple Car

We discuss some things about the Apple Car.

Six US cities’ approach to autonomous vehicles

Now that the Fed is no longer overseeing the roll out of autonomous cars, and is instead leaving it to states and cities (and care markers) to figure it out and regulate, here’s a look at six different US cities’ approach, as closely paraphrased from Teena Maddox‘ article over at TechRepublic.

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