Ep 53: Uber invests $150M into AVs in Toronto; VW pushes for AV standardizations; my rant against articles against AVs

Uber's new logo. SOURCE: Uber
Uber’s new logo. SOURCE: Uber

Today, Episode 53! Uber’s not out of the autonomous car race after all, with a new $150M investment in a new AV facility working with the University of Toronto; VW pushes for technology standardization for autonomous vehicles to ensure legal protections; and I go on a rant against articles crying out against AVs.

Uber invests $150M into AV office in Toronto

First Uber’s XC90 ran a red light in SF. Then they struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. Then they pulled out of autonomous trucking. Then they limited further autonomous car development to human-driven tests in Pittsburgh, only. Then, Toyota invested $500M to incorporate Uber’s tech into Toyota’s cars. Now, Uber’s back in the game again with a $150M investment in their new test facility in Toronto in partnership with the University of Toronto.

VW pushes for AV tech standardization for legal protection

The aviation industry is heavily standardized and regulated. Electrical engineers round the world formed the IEEE consortium similarly to standardize USB ports to Wi-Fi, everything between, and much more besides. Now, VW is encouraging automakers to similarly form a consortium for autonomous vehicles to ensure that they are adequately protected by the law when the metal bits get twisted now and then, and humans get hurt, or worse.

I go on a rant against anti-AV articles

So I read this article here; and this article by Paris Marx on Medium. And then I went on a rant. And now you can listen to it. And debate it to your heart’s content.

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