Ep 52: GM’s Cruise Automation hits roadblock in NYC; Volvo’s 360c self-driving bedroom; AV market numbers

Volvo 360c

Today, Episode 52! GM’s autonomous car subsidiary Cruise Automation hits a regulatory roadblock to start testing in NYC; Volvo’s new 360c fully autonomous bedroom on wheels is the wrong solution to the problem of congested roadways; and, the autonomous vehicle market hits $173 billion by 2023.

GM’s Cruise Automation hits a roadblock in NYC

Testing in dense urban cores is what sets GM’s Cruise Automation apart from the rest, which tend to test in Arizona on huge swaths of desert-sized boulevards, or even, in Waymo’s case, largely in simulator land. Cruise Automation is based in San Francisco, and do all of their testing on the brutally challenging streets of San Francisco, where driving regulations are more of a suggestion than a rule; unsurprisingly, then, they’ve wanted to start testing in NYC, but this is proving a bit harder due to regulatory hurdles.

Volvo’s 360c self driving bedroom: the wrong solution?

Volvo’s idea is to get people out of airplanes and into cars for so-called short-haul flights, and their 360c is essentially an autonomous bedroom on wheels. But this is the wrong solution to the problem; just listen to the episode about Professor Sperling’s need for the thrill pillars of an automotive future which include electricity, autonomy, and, crucially, car sharing (or, as he says, “pooling”).

Autonomous vehicle market to hit $173B by 2023

Unsurprisingly, the autonomous car market is going to pick up rapid pace in the coming years, growing at a staggering 36% annually by 2023.

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