Ep 49: Waymo annoys locals; industries disrupted by autonomous cars; China gets serious about EVs and AVs in the US

SOURCE: NIO. Yes, that’s a Chinese EV supercar.

Today, Episode 49! Waymo’s autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans annoy the locals in Chandler, Arizona; we discuss five industries sure to be disrupted (or invented altogether) by autonomous cars; and, China gets very serious about autonomous electric cars in the US.

Waymo annoys local drivers in Chandler, Arizona

So it turns out that Waymo’s shiny white Chrysler Pacifica minivans are starting to really annoy the locals down in Chandler, Arizona. Specifically, they tend to get very confused in intersections, and generally dawdle as the autonomously drive about. While this sounds little more than a nuisance, this segment discusses why this is actually a much bigger deal, and what it means for the future of autonomous cars.

These industries will be disrupted (or invented) by autonomous cars

Some of these are obvious; some we’ve discussed before; but one in particular, really caught me by surprise. Can you guess what it is? Have a listen and find out!

China’s EV startup NIO to raise $1.3B in US IPO

So this is pretty huge. It turns out that a Tencent-backed Chinese EV (and AV) startup, NIO, is gearing up (pun not intended as their cars assuredly have no gears to speak of) for a US launch coupled with a $1.3B US-based IPO. Wow.

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