Ep 48: VW’s $4B vw.OS investment; AVs destroy (and create) jobs; Toyota invests $500M into Uber

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Today, Episode 48! We talk about VW’s investment in an in-house mobility platform built around its new vw.OS; the jobs that autonomous cars will destroy (and create); and Toyota’s $500M investment in Uber’s autonomous car tech.

VW to invest $4B (€3.5B) into its new vw.OS mobility platform

In a bold and, I would say, essential move, VW is developing an entire mobility platform — an end-to-end solution built from the ground up — centered around its new so-called vw.OS platform fueled by a $4B (€3.5B) investment. The idea is to develop everything in house. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it should: it’s what Tesla has been doing forever.

Self-driving cars will destroy (and create) jobs

A great article over at ArsTechnica by Timothy B. Lee discusses the on-going debate about what the rollout of autonomous cars will mean for jobs, including and especially for industries like professional trucking and taxies. I agree and disagree with certain of Tim’s points, and round out the episode asking you, kind listener, for your thoughts on this heated and crucially important topic.

Toyota to invest $500M in Uber’s autonomous car tech

So this is interesting. Just after the news that Uber was abandoning its autonomous trucking initiatives, and relegating its autonomous car testing to just Pittsburgh, PA under the control of human drivers, Toyota is handing over half a billion dollars to install Uber’s technology into Toyota’s cars.

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