Ep 47: VW “We” EV car sharing; Drive.ai expands its orange fleet; Lyft & Aptiv hit 5000 autonomous rides in Las Vegas (and I sprain my neck)

SOURCE: drive.ai

Today, Episode 47! We talk about VW’s new “We” EV cars sharing program; Drive.ai’s expansion; and Lyft/Aptiv’s 5000th autonomous car ride in Las Vegas! (Also, I sprained my neck.)

VW’s new “We” EV car sharing program

In early July we talked about VW’s new EV car sharing program “We” — pronounced “Vee?” — but there wasn’t much to go on at the time. Now, we’ve learned that VW is rolling out some 2000 cars in Berlin by 2019, and, some time in 2020, in North America too. The cars will consist of some 1500 e-Golfs and 500 e-up! sub-compacts, likely serving as a placeholder until VW launches its I.D. line of fully EV vehicles.

Drive.ai’s orange expansion

Drive.ai’s bright orange vans are expanding from their pilot location¬†(and here) in Frisco, Texas, to the greater Dallas/Ft Worth area of Arlington. The vans’ distinguishing feature — apart from their bright orange color — are the LCD screens fitted around the vehicle to better communicate with humans in lieu of eye contact since, you know, these vans don’t have a driver behind the wheel (or won’t, once testing is complete).

Aptiv-powered Lyft AVs give their 5000th ride in Las Vegas

If ever there was a need for easy autonomous ride sharing, Sin City is surely the place and fortunately, Lyft and Aptiv are delivering with their 5000th autonomous ride. Turns out the passengers love them, too, with more than 90% being in favor, and more than 20% having already ridden the cars more than once.

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