Ep 41. May Mobility launches autonomous electric shuttle service; the GM AV1; Faraday Future gets $2B investment!

Today, Episode 41! (Sorry for being a bit late, and short, this one…) We discuss the very cool, imminent launch (as in, tomorrow) of Ann Arbor-based May Mobility fully autonomous, electric, 6-seater shuttle bus; GM trademarks the name “AV1”; and, Faraday Future is back from the brink of death with a whopping $2B investment!

May Mobility launches fully autonomous electric shuttles

So this is pretty cool; I didn’t see this one coming. Autoblog recently reported that Ann Arbor, Michigan-based startup May  Mobility is launching a 6-seat, fully autonomous electric shuttle pod fully decked out with heating, air conditioning, and even a panoramic moonroof. Early testers’ only complaints? It was lacking music and… wait for it… cupholders. May Mobility is partnered up with Detroit-based real estate firm Bedrock to shuttle around some 18,000 employees of the Quicken Loans family of companies (of which Bedrock is a subsidiary) around a 1 mile test loop. Apart from a human assistant to make sure everything goes smoothly in the beginning, there won’t be any human component: the shuttles don’t even have a steering wheel or pedals; these things are the real deal.

GM trademarks the “AV1” name

Some of you may remember the doomed GM EV1 of the 1990s, arguably the first, best fully electric car the world ever knew. But it was not long for this land: it was never sold outright to customers — leased only — and when the leases expired, GM scooped up all owners’ cars and, much to the horror of literally everybody, demolished them. So that was the EV1. Now, some 20 years later, GM has just trademarked the AV1 name — a fairly obvious homage to its predecessor’s moniker — and suggests without much imagination that it will be attached to GM’s Cruise Automation fully autonomous — like, no steering wheel or pedals — electric Chevy Bolt in 2019.

Faraday Future gets $2B investment

Always seemingly on the bring of death, Faraday Future — or just FF — has just received an incredible lifeline in the form of $2B from Hong Kong holding company Evergrande Health. Hopefully this will enable FF’s long-promised FF91 four-door electric hypercar with over 1000 horsepower to finally see the light of day.


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