Ep 39: Apple hires ex-Waymo engineer; Volvo invests in Luminar Lidar; Enterprise partners with Voyage; rideOS

Today! Apple hires a former ex-Waymo engineer for its Project Titan autonomous car project; Volvo invests in lidar maker Luminar; Enterprise and Voyage partner up for autonomous car rentals.

PS1. We learn a bit more about rideOS.
PS2. We discuss a listener’s feedback.

Apple grabs a former Waymoan

Jamie Waydo, from Waymo, has just joined Apple. Amusingly coincidental nomenclature aside, Jamie has a background that includes NASA’s JPL.

Volvo + Luminar

Luminar, a maker of lidar technology, has just partnered up with Volvo.

Enterprise + Voyage(r)

I couldn’t resist the parenthetical “r” — in what sounds like too good of a Star Trek spoof, rental car company Enterprise has partnered with autonomous taxi startup Voyage (not the¬†Voyager).

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