Ep 13. Risk vs. Benefit of Autonomous Cars; licenses; etc.

We’ll discuss the risk vs benefit of autonomous cars; the difficulty of getting drivers’ licenses in the future; how autonomous cars will gradually phase out human-driven cars on streets and freeways; and a favor to ask of you!).

Risk vs. benefit of autonomous cars

Autonomous cars bring with them certain risks, especially during this nascent stage of their development. This is neither undeniable. And unavoidable. But the benefits they offer already far outweigh their risks. Here’s why.

Difficulty getting drivers’ licenses in the future

Not only will the need to drive decrease as autonomous cars replace human drivers (much as automatic transmissions phased out manual transmissions), the ability to do so will be slowly but inexorably diminished as more and more roads and municipalities gradually disallow human drivers in the coming decades.

How (and when) autonomous cars will gradually phase out human drivers

Speaking of which, let’s dive into how (and when) this gradual phase will occur. On the one hand, it’s going to take a while; on the other hand, it’s going to happen faster than you think. Put it this way: your children born today will almost certainly not need a driver’s license; their children — your grandchildren — certainly will not need one, if they’re even able to get one.

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