#125-Munich, Matrickz, and more; my accidental review of the Volvo XC60; Korea’s ambitious AV (and EV) plans

Today, Episode 125: I talk a bit about my time in Munich (and, you can watch these videos: (1) Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving; and (2) Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Law, and Economics); I accidentally get to review the (spectacular) new Volvo XC60; and I am utterly blown away by Korea’s recently announced AV initiatives for the 2020s (and pissed at Toyota).

#123-SPECIAL EVENT: Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel, Mountain View, CA, Monday, October 14, 2019

On Monday I was invited to attend the 5th annual Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheelat the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, courtesy of Charlie Vogelheim (The Flying Car) and Scott Fosgard (FosgardPR). I’ll share some of the highlights from the all-day presentation, as well as four exclusive interviews from members of Velodyne, Nvidia, Ridecell, and Wavyn.

#108 – Season 4 Premiere: The FAVA

After three months on break, I’m baaaaaaaack! Season 4 is HERE! Today, a bit of a recap on my amazing 1 month stint in DC, followup with a deep dive into my FAVA proposal.

#100 – Tesla Autonomy Day

To celebrate my 100th episode, a special 30 minute account of the most crucial takeaways from yesterday’s Tesla Autonomy Day, during which Tesla announced to the world their breakthroughs with Autopilot Hardware 3.0 and their upcoming robotaxi Tesla Network.


The good folks over at HERE Technologies (Twitter; Facebook) invited me to join them in Las Vegas for CES 2019 and help moderate a few days of talks and conduct a few interviews. This is my account of CES 2019 generally; some exclusive interviews with various AV companies at CES including Innoviz CEO Omer Keilaf; and an insider look at what HERE Technologies are up to with their open and neutral platform of self-healing, realtime HD maps.


First things first: I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and 2019 is off to a great start; happy new years! So then, just wanted to make sure you all got the memo: The good folks over at HERE Technologies (@Here) have invited me to join them at CES 2019 next week in Las Vegas! I’ll be there Monday through Thursday, so if you’ll be there and if you’d like to meet up, you can easily schedule a 15- or 30-minute meeting with me using the Calendly scheduler below! Cheers!

Ep 66: SPECIAL: Insider tour of HERE Technologies’ Berkeley, CA garage offices! — PHOTOS

  Last week I had the great privilege to be invited to a special, invite-only media event at HERE Technologies’ garage offices in Berkeley, CA, to learn everything about their “self healing HD maps.”

REGISTER NOW: Join me at next week’s webinar “Responsible Investing 2.0 — The Next 20 Years in 45 Minutes

REGISTER NOW: Join me at next week’s webinar “Responsible Investing 2.0 — The Next 20 Years in 45 Minutes I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited by the good folks over at EvolveETFs to join a panel of experts in Responsible Investments Association’s webinar titled “Responsible Investing 2.0 — The Next 20 Years in 45 Minutes. We’ll be discussing innovative trends and how they may impact the future of responsible investing. The webinar will uncover how investors may benefit from the growth of innovative trends through ESG (environmental, social, and governance) mandates as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As you can imagine, my contribution on the panel will be dedicated to — wait for it — self-driving and electric cars! The webinar is next Wednesday, the 24th of October, 2018 and starts at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Registration is open and free, so head on over and sign-up now! 

Ep 42: SPECIAL: World’s first podcast recorded while driving a Tesla Model S with Autopilot?!

Today! A very special podcast episode — and quite possibly the world’s first! — recorded inside a Tesla Model S while driving from San Francisco to Palo Alto with Autopilot engaged, complete with my personal thoughts, feedback, and critique! Also: Ford releases an interesting test about active cruise control’s ability to avoid unnecessary traffic jams, and what it means for a fully autonomous car future!