#126-The Safety Episode: New EU regulations; Driving Tests for AVs; The Paradox of Safety

Today has accidentally turned out to be “The Safety Episode” in which I discuss new EU regulations for automobile safety that go into effect in mid-2022; a proposed set of tests and standards for AVs; and the fascinating “safety paradox.”

#120-Apple AV spotted? Pedestrian detection systems are no good; Oxbotica and Addison Lee; AV Computing Consortium launches

Today: I may have spotted an Apple autonomous test vehicle; pedestrian systems are no good (and why I’m pushing for standards and regulations); Oxbotica and Addison Lee ready AV testing in London in 2020 (with possible deployment for passengers in 2021); and big players in the AV space launch the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium.

#119-City parking; Silicon Valley’s distaste for AVs; self-flying cars

Today, we discuss an article about AV’s impact on urban parking; another article about Silicon Valley’s feud with AVs; and the question of whether self-flying cars will be here before self-driving cars, and why it doesn’t really matter.

#117-Ford Argo.ai moves to Austin; long range lidar; Tesla v.10

Today: Ford’s Argo.ai moves to Austin; Blickfeld announces a new long range lidar; Tesla launches Version 10 of its software which (may?) include the long-awaited Enhanced Summon.

#116-Aptiv & Hyundai partner up; DOT drops $60M on AV testing; Audi studies emotional response to AVs from around the world

Today: Aptiv and Hyundai partner up for a $4B joint venture; the US Department of Transportation drops several grants of $7.5M across various AV projects around the country; and Audi gauges interest in AVs from around the world.

#115-Tesla gets smarter; Mercedes quits gasoline engines; somebody writes something stupid

I experienced something pretty remarkable with a Tesla Model 3 on the latest software update; but was I imagining it? Mercedes parent company Daimler makes huge news by announcing it’s stopping all future gasoline engine R&D; and, somebody writes something so utterly stupid I had to call them out on it.

#114-2020s will mirror the 1920s; AVs destined to fail? Outsight’s 3D camera

It looks like the 2020s will mirror the 1920s as people welcome AVs with fear, trepidation, and anger; are AVs destined to fail? And, Outsight’s 3D camera can do some pretty magical things, like distinguish as between a plastic mannequin and a real person, and see ice on the road.

#113-AVs on real estate; AVs for the hyper-rich? Tesla Hardware v3.0 starts to roll out

Today…. Episode 113 on Friday the 13th… an unusually long episode, this, in which we talk about the impact on real estate by autonomous vehicles; we address¬†an article¬†by Professor Lance Eliot (UCLA; USC) on whether AVs will be reserve for only the hyper-rich; and Tesla starts a (very) limited deployment of its Hardware v.3.0. Have a great weekend!

#112-Ford deals with bugs; Japan readies AVs for the Olympics; Didi Chuxing deploys AV ridesharing

Ford develops a system to remove splattered bugs from its autonomous vehicle sensors and cameras; Japan set to release 100 AVs shuttling people around the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo; and China’s Didi Chuxing prepares to deploy Level 4 ridesharing in Shangahi.