#99 – Apple sourcing AV sensors; EU mandates ADAS by 2021; GM’s Cruise Automation hits road bumps

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Today, on the eve of our 100th episode(!), we discuss Apple’s ongoing work with its autonomous vehicle Project Titan; the EU mandates 11 ADAS systems for all new cars from 2021; and GM’s Cruise Automation may miss their promised 2020 deployment of its first truly Level 5 robotaxis with no steering wheels, but honestly, it doesn’t matter; alternatively, here’s how they can still make that deadline.

Apple developing own AV sensors?

It looks like Apple is sourcing components to build sensors for its long-rumored Project Titan autonomous car project, though there’s still no solid sense for whether they’re building their own car, or the entire hardware/software “perception stack” to be licensed out to other AV developers.

ADAS to be mandated in Europe from 2021

Eleven particular ADAS (automated driver assistance systems) functions will be mandated in Europe from 2021; here’s what it means for DMS (driver monitoring systems).

Cruise hits some road bumps? No problem, here’s the solution

Once upon a time GM’s Cruise Automation promised its first robotaxi Chevy Bolts would, er, cruise around the streets of San Francisco in true AV Level 5 guise, i.e., without any steering wheels, by the end of 2019. Well, we’re nearly into May, and this deadline is looking like a harder promise to uphold. Fortunately, I have a solution. Have a listen!

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