#128-Stuart Norris, GM Director of Design, Advanced Mobility and Experience Studio

Stuart Norris, GM

A fascinating conversation with Stuart Norris, the Director of Design, Advanced Mobility and Experience Studio for GM. 

Also today we’re officially announcing the launch of our new global autonomous vehicle and urban mobility strategy consulting firm. Please visit hoagandco.com and follow us on all social media at @hoagandco to learn more.

Stuart Norris, GM

Stuart Norris is the Director of Design, Advanced Mobility Studio at General Motors (web; Twitter). He’s literally the guy who designed the Chevy Bolt, one of my favorite little cars, and, I think, the best alternative to a Tesla Model 3.

Introducing Hoag+Co.

One of the greatest pleasures of doing this podcast the last two years has been the chance to connect and meet with some of the most brilliant people in the world. And it’s with two of those people — Martin Adler, PhD; and Felix Dohmeier, PhD candidate — that I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Hoag+Co.

H+C is the world’s only international autonomous vehicles- and urban mobility-focused strategy consulting firm comprised entirely of PhDs, engineers, attorneys, and startup founders.

Rather than go on writing about our new firm here, I would encourage you please to visit our website at hoagandco.com and to follow us on all social media at @hoagandco including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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