#126-The Safety Episode: New EU regulations; Driving Tests for AVs; The Paradox of Safety

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Today has accidentally turned out to be “The Safety Episode” in which I discuss new EU regulations for automobile safety that go into effect in mid-2022; a proposed set of tests and standards for AVs; and the fascinating “safety paradox.”

New EU Regulations

The new EU regulations for automobile safety go into effect in just two years, and they bring with them a huge slew of mandated safety equipment.

Driving Tests for AVs

This dovetails pretty neatly into my argument for the need for an FAVA.

The Paradox of Safety

This is a fascinating conversation about the bizarre phenomenon that the safer a thing becomes, the more risk people take with that thing. Example: it’s easier to fall asleep at the wheel of a Tesla than a regular car (though, ironically, you’re less likely to crash and die if you do.)

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