#125-Munich, Matrickz, and more; my accidental review of the Volvo XC60; Korea’s ambitious AV (and EV) plans

Marc Hoag and Martin Adler of Hoag+Co at Matrickz

Today, Episode 125: I talk a bit about my time in Munich (and, you can watch these videos: (1) Legal Aspects of Autonomous Driving; and (2) Autonomous Vehicle Safety, Law, and Economics); I accidentally get to review the (spectacular) new Volvo XC60; and I am utterly blown away by Korea’s recently announced AV initiatives for the 2020s (and pissed at Toyota).

My Talks in Munich

This was the soft launch of our new consulting firm, Hoag+Co., during which one of my founding partners, Martin Adler, PhD., joined me for a fun evening at the Munch-based offices of Matrickz.

Volvo XC60

The XC60 really impressed me. Smooth, composed, and surprisingly adept L2 semi-autonomy. Here’s my mini-review.

South Korea’s AV plans

I am utterly blown away by South Korea’s plans for autonomous vehicle testing and deployment; and I better understand the partnership between Hyundai and Aptiv. It all makes sense now.

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