#120-Apple AV spotted? Pedestrian detection systems are no good; Oxbotica and Addison Lee; AV Computing Consortium launches


Today: I may have spotted an Apple autonomous test vehicle; pedestrian systems are no good (and why I’m pushing for standards and regulations); Oxbotica and Addison Lee ready AV testing in London in 2020 (with possible deployment for passengers in 2021); and big players in the AV space launch the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium.

Apple AV

I may have spotted an Apple AV test vehicle today. Or maybe I didn’t. Who knows. Have a listen and help me figure it out.

Pedestrian Detection Systems Suck

So it turns out that most pedestrian detection systems that are designed to, you know, stop the car before they hit a pedestrian or bicyclist, don’t necessarily work as intended. To the pedestrians’ detriment, I might add.

Oxbotica and Addison Lee

The AV company powers up with the Uber-not-Uber of the UK to get AVs ready for passengers in 2021.


We now have an Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium to make sure people abide by rules, standards, and get things right from the beginning. Right.

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