#119-City parking; Silicon Valley’s distaste for AVs; self-flying cars

self flying cars - kitty hawk
self flying cars – kitty hawk

Today, we discuss an article about AV’s impact on urban parking; another article about Silicon Valley’s feud with AVs; and the question of whether self-flying cars will be here before self-driving cars, and why it doesn’t really matter.

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AVs’ impact on city parking

We discuss another fascinating study from this article on AVs’ impact on urban parking.

Silicon Valley doesn’t like AVs (but is ok with Teslas)

I discuss a new article by Edward Niedermeyer … and (mostly) disagree with him.

Self-flying cars will be “done” before self-driving cars

This article quotes Sebastien Thrun, now CEO of self-flying car — no, “eVTOL” — startup Kitty Hawk, as saying that “I believe we’re going to be done with self-flying vehicles before we’re done with self-driving cars.” So what. That’s an irrelevant comparison. Here’s why.

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