#116-Aptiv & Hyundai partner up; DOT drops $60M on AV testing; Audi studies emotional response to AVs from around the world

Hyundai and Aptiv
SOURCE: Hyundai

Today: Aptiv and Hyundai partner up for a $4B joint venture; the US Department of Transportation drops several grants of $7.5M across various AV projects around the country; and Audi gauges interest in AVs from around the world.

Aptiv & Hyundai

Just like GM and Cruise; like Ford and Argo; so Aptiv and Hyundai have joined forces.

DOT’s $60M grant on AV testing

The DOT has just delivered a ton of money for AV testing.

Audi studies emotional response to EVs

The study gauges people’s interest from around the world to autonomous vehicles. While interesting, it’s perhaps not altogether surprising.

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