#115-Tesla gets smarter; Mercedes quits gasoline engines; somebody writes something stupid

I experienced something pretty remarkable with a Tesla Model 3 on the latest software update; but was I imagining it? Mercedes parent company Daimler makes huge news by announcing it’s stopping all future gasoline engine R&D; and, somebody writes something so utterly stupid I had to call them out on it.

Tesla gets smarter

I give my thoughts driving a Tesla with Autopilot for the first time in quite a while, and it definitely seems to drive much better than before.

Mercedes quits gasoline engines

So this is a big deal; and while we don’t often discuss purely EV matters, the truth is, all future EVs will be AVs, and in any event, this is a remarkably big thing to discuss.

Somebody writes a stupid thing

Somebody actually wrote on article titled “The Attack on Saudi Oil Explains why Driverless Cars will Never Become Legal.” Seriously?

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