#113-AVs on real estate; AVs for the hyper-rich? Tesla Hardware v3.0 starts to roll out


Today…. Episode 113 on Friday the 13th… an unusually long episode, this, in which we talk about the impact on real estate by autonomous vehicles; we address an article by Professor Lance Eliot (UCLA; USC) on whether AVs will be reserve for only the hyper-rich; and Tesla starts a (very) limited deployment of its Hardware v.3.0. Have a great weekend!

AVs and real estate

We discuss the impact of AVs on real estate, and specifically, whether they will (ironically) cause the suburbs to get more expensive.

AVs only for the hyper-rich?

Professor Lance Eliot — a world-renowned former professor of AI at both UCLA and USC; go figure! — has published (yet another) fantastic article on Forbes, where he’s a regular contributor on all things AI and AV. I loved the article, but had a somewhat different take.

Tesla Hardware 3.0 rolls out

Well, it rolled out to at least one customer in Santa Barbara. But hey, it’s a start.

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