#112-Ford deals with bugs; Japan readies AVs for the Olympics; Didi Chuxing deploys AV ridesharing

Photo by Freeman Zhou on Unsplash

Ford develops a system to remove splattered bugs from its autonomous vehicle sensors and cameras; Japan set to release 100 AVs shuttling people around the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo; and China’s Didi Chuxing prepares to deploy Level 4 ridesharing in Shangahi.

Ford deals with bugs

Ford has come up with a novel way to clean autonomous vehicle sensors from splattered bugs.

Japan prepares AVs for the 2020 Summer Olympics

Japan is planning to deploy around 100 AVs for free shuttling about the Summer Olympics venue in Tokyo, with the aim to have the first customer-ready AVs in customer hands and on the roads by 2025.

Didi Chuxing deploys AV ridesharing in Shanghai

Didi Chuxing is fast-tracking its AV deployment.

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