#111-Apple testing AV without lidar? TomTom doing HD maps; Feds pissed at Tesla again


Is Apple now testing an AV with computer vision? TomTom claims to have an L5 AV and is getting into the HD mapping game; and the Feds are (incorrectly) pissed at Tesla again.

Apple testing AV without LiDAR?

Apple’s apparently been caught testing an AV with a curious suite of sensors that could be just about anything, and are not obviously standard issue LiDAR. What are they up to?

TomTom working on an L5?

Without even getting into the discussion of whether TomTom actually has a working L5 car, this is nevertheless an interesting discussion about TomTom’s role in (potentially) HD mapping.

Feds are pissed at Tesla (again)

This is ridiculous but worth discussing.

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