#107 – SEASON 3 FINALE: Interview with 3 PhDs Martin Adler; Justin Schorr; Henning Lategahn

L-R: Martin Adler, PhD; Just Schorr, PhD; Henning Lategahn, PhD

As promised, we’re closing out Season 3 in a big way: I’m joined by three PhDs from around the world, Justin Schorr (Philadelphia); Martin Adler (Netherlands); and Henning Lategahn (Germany) as we dive into an absolutely fascinating, all-encompassing discussion on nearly every angle surrounding autonomous vehicles.

3 PhDs and a lawyer in a (virtual) room, on AVs

From the technology, to the societal impacts, and everything in between, it’s the perfect way to wrap up what’s been by far the greatest season yet, while offering a glimpse into an amazing 4th season ahead which will pick up some time in July or August 2019.

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